Destination Ceylon

Famous since the ancient times, for its luscious resources and extravagant sceneries, Ceylon, had always a special reservation in the travellers map. From the brazen travels of explorers and merchants across the Seven Seas to the more curious, peaceful and the adventure seeking wanderer in the modern world, Sri Lanka sets stage to the most diversified cultural and natural sites a nation can present.

Diverse Culture

In Sri Lanka there are many ethnicities living under the same sky, coexisting with many cultural and sociological differences. As you go deep into the country, you will discover fascinating these cultural bonds are and how festive the people of Sri Lanka are as they accumulate to give out a peaceful yet colourful background to the nation.

Nature Trails

From Yala to Singharaja, Sri Lanka pays host to some of the world’s diverse nature trails. With declared world Heritage sites and Wetlands, Sanctuaries and reserves which are scattered around the Island, offers different flora and fauna in different climates. The majesty of the roaming Elephants in its herds adds a sense of royalty to the trail.

The Pearl of South Asia

Located in the Indian Ocean, just above the equator, Sri Lanka is surrounded by the tropical atmosphere throughout the year. From the tropical monsoons to the sunny weekends, Sri Lanka reserves the visitor the chance to experience the wind and warmth of the Seaside and the chill and humidity of the mountain side within the spread of a few hours in between.


A great experience for globe trotters, who can brisk past crowded cities to calmer towns and peaceful villages as well as the beautiful mountain range of Sri Lanka. With scenic cascading waterfalls and trickling streamlets, and blooming flowers, the hill country is the heaven where the world’s finest tea is grown.

Sun Kissed Beaches

With miles and miles of golden sands, the beaches of Sri Lanka are famous for it’s in an ever-changing landscape. Enthusiasts can bathe and surf or do many adventurous water sports within the shoreline. Whale watching in Mirissa and coral reef in Hikkaduwa are not to be missed! A short walk along the coast can bring you opportunities to mingle with local fishing customs, boat rides and even volunteer in local conservation practices for the Sea Turtles.


When you arrive in Sri Lanka, you must taste our spicy cuisine! From the ‘Ginger Tea’ to ‘Masala Wade’, it is an experience that should not be missed. Our local fruit is renowned for its variety and deliciousness. The zillions of local dishes that are unique to the many cultures as well as provinces are a blast of taste that will never be forgotten!

Visiting the Past

Anurashapura, Polonnaruwa, Dambulla and Kandy showcase in majority, evidence of a sophisticated past Sri Lanka pays claim to. The well-organized tank systems, manmade Rivers and Canals for irrigation and ponds as well as the megalithic structures of ‘Stupas’, ‘ Institutes’, ‘Hospitals’ and ‘Palaces’ still survive even after two millennia.